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My PTB Journey

My PTB Journey Part 1 " Tuberculosis Awareness "

March 6 when I was diagnosed with PTB, and supposedly starting my work this march 13 as a IT Service Desk at Mandaluyong, my employment was affected because of this illness. 

March 13 I seek more details regarding my condition so I went to Bautista Hospital at Cavite City to visit a Pulmonologist Doctor and ask on what should I do with my PTB. 

As the doctor further check my X-Ray result she told me that my PTB is already in advance stage so she cannot allow me to proceed with my employment and will provide clearance after taking 2 months of medication, the doctor told me that the medication will take up to 6 months to 1 year, the doctor told me that I can have the medicine from TB-DOTs a program by the goverment that provide assistance to those persons who have TB and it's for free.

After explaining all the things about ng PTB the doctor provide request for TB-DOTs to provide medicine good for 6 months and a request for another X-Ray after 2 months to see if there will be some changes with my right lungs so she can provide me a clearance to work.

After getting consultation I already proceed to the next step and that is to go to our Municipal Health Center to seek assistance for TB-DOTs. The personnel in the health center is very accommodating as they assist me ASAP but suddenly they need to schedule me this March 20 but the good thing is they also told me that if I can go on March 16 if ever one of the attendees of scheduled patient can't go on the said day. They give me a tube where I can put my plem for laboratory and will be submitted on the said day.

Hoping that I can get a slot on March 16 so I can start my medication and can start working again for my family.

Stay tuned for part 2 as I will share my PTB Journey.