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Ella U

My Little Boy Makes Me Feel Giddy

Since my son and I took a break from homeschooling starting August 11, I have been busy catching up with all pending house chores to date. My boy, on the other hand, was busy exploring the farm with his dad since they left together on August 13.

Starting August 13, we have our video calls and chats at night before bed since that is the time when we have nothing else to do but rest. My husband and I are busy the whole day working in our own professions. My son, on the other hand, is just experiencing the freedom outdoors without any restrictions since the farm is quite vast. That is after being on home quarantine for five (5) months.

Last night, we had our usual coms at night before going to bed. But today, I was surprised, delighted, amused, and felt all giddy after checking my phone at just 5 pm!

"Why?" you ask. Well, this sweet boy of a son just thought of sending me chat messages of sweet nothings out of the blue! I can't help but feel all giddy. I called him right up via Messenger video call. He answered right away and asked if I received his messages. Of course, I did! But I cannot reply because I'm smiling from ear to ear and just feeling all giddy! 

I had to laugh to suppress the giddiness in order to successfully give a reply. I told him that I love him too and that I miss him. He showed me my hen and he seems so happy with his little vacation. It just made my rainy day so crazily happy. 

His messages may not be smooth sentences yet but they make sense to me. He may not be good at constructing his written sentences yet, but I got the message! Loud and clear. I love my son! I wish all days were like today.

P.S. He speaks well but he is not yet able to smoothly translate his thoughts in written form.