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My first time and just wanna share stuffs

Okay this is my first time. And I'm just typing here just like I'm holding my pen, writing on my diary. Yeah I know that's old stuff, maybe you will say diaries is for kids. But writing all you want, leads you somewhere, deeper down all your thoughts and imaginations. And just letting your hand write those words, then you figured out, you're already making a story and you're out of paper to write on. Actually I really don't know what to post here. But can this be considered one? I see this thing a positive, I'm really thankful to discover this website. Now I can't help myself expressing thoughts. This thing encourage me to continue what I love. To write , to express my thoughts everything under the sun. As long as it's a good thing right ? Something inspiring ? Or stories that can help us see the brighter side of life. 


  • Jericho Maldia
    Aug 12, 2020 22:09
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