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Len Blanko

My first job is where I met someone who changed me #MyFirstJob

It is indeed true that you'll never know when your life will change. And it happened to me in my first iob. As a graduate from medical-allied field, my first job is a medical underwriter. I came across this through online job search platform. I started 2 years ago and I never knew that I would fall in love, with my officemate.  

She became my partner. (I am a female and) she's a lesbian. She was so great, indeed the best. I doubted at first because I'm not into same sex relationships before. But she changed the way I see the world. She made me feel so loved and safe. That I cannot help but fall in love with her. I fall in love with the person, not with the gender. No matter what gender she identifies herself, no matter what other people might say about me or us, I chose her.

This post is way of appreciating this person. On how much she loved me the best way a person could be loved. She opened my eyes and heart that there exists a love others may call the GREAT love; a love that is genuine, unconditional, forgiving, pure. Thanks to you.

#MyFirstJob #love