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My first job

Hi , iam Sneha iam teenage girl who badly in need of money because I'm staying in Philippines but iam an Indian here expenses are too high than compared to India .hence I decided to get a part-time job. But sadly I can't make it. But I believe myself I searched Google, YouTube and many other social platforms for my job . It takes 3 months to know about different kinds of jobs . However  iam a self confidence girl..😜 At last I completely learned how to make profit with any kind of business by searching the jobs by googling itself 😅 thanks Google and YouTube 😉 then I made a Instagram account , I became a brand ambassador for many brands, promosider, content creator. By this way I make my 1st thousand 🙈. You know even though it's not a big amount of money.but it helped me to Invest in other works like registration fee for another jobs but now I am earning as much I want 😉. That's my self proclaimed job story 😜 atlast I want you to be a self confidence person. It takes time to make what you want but don't quit without getting it. Even though there is no chance then make your own 😉.


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