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My 2021 " Promise Self!" #NEWYEARSRESOLUTION

Each year, we are given the chance to start our lives freshly again, throwing away the bad experiences we've been caught up with the past year, and make ideals for our new upcoming journey. Quite the purpose of writing a New Year's resolutions at the end of the year. However, we all know how 2020 have been not really good to anyone nor can be taken as some ordinary year. It was indeed comparable to a rollercoaster ride with a lot of breath taking surprises and twist! So for sure, with 2021, everyone is more determined for a change, doing something different to give our lives a new shape that is for sure be better from before.

As for me, I have many ideals in living my life this year. I know change will not favor our way, but the change that we will make from within would  surely favor with us. With 2021, I only have five main promises I want to make with myself that I would highlight. Promises that I strongly I could commit to, and achieve, so that I can smile and proudly say to myself, " I did great!" at the end of the year.

For my 2021 self, I hope you could promise me to accomplish these things:

1. Live healthier.

One thing I could give my 2020 self is a round of applause and a shoulder tap for surviving 2020 despite all the stress and complications. However, I admit am not happy and satisfied on how I took care of myself. Letting a sedentary lifestyle took over me. So this new year, I want to be healthier ( if I ever am healthy.lol ). I tend to binge eat when I'm stress, binge watch when I'm anxious. That's why with this resolution, I will make sure to try my best myself to eat healthily. Along with this, I also want to have an physically active life and my plan is to set up an exercise routine that can synchronized with my daily schedule.

It's not yet late to live a healthy life! As they say, our health is our wealth, and it will always be.

2. Live happier.

I always view myself as an optimistic person, but the previous year have made me felt succumb to too much negativity. With the chance of starting anew again, I want to rekindle my optimism and see the brighter side of the world. I want to live happier. I want to live in the moment and not be defeated by stress and problems!

To live happily is to recognize happiness found from the simplest things, and I'm ready to seek for it again!

3. Study harder.

I actually don't know if I really study hard last year, but atleast I know I've studied. ( LOL ) I have many distractions last year and I kinda admit how I haven't put my full effort on my studies. So this year, I really hope I'd be able to focus more on my studies and overcome the procrastinator in me. It was actually a miracle I've passed the semester so I would like to challenge myself to grind for a better grades. The horror of facing it tho. ( HAHA! )

4. Be productive.

One of my daily aim that most of the time I failed with. Anyway, there's no room for giving up so part of my new year resolution is to find a  productive hobby I could be strongly passionate to pursue everyday. I am already eyeing on working on my art skills, I just hope I won't get much burden from school tasks so I could pursue on other productive things like that.

5. Live smarter.

The last on my list yet a very necessary one. Most of the time I've made reckless decisions or let myself be in complicated situations when I have a better choice in the first place. So this 2021, I want to challenge myself to live smarter. Know my priorities, organize my life, and have effective plans ahead of possible difficult circumstances. I want to make better choices for myself this year!

To wrap up, all of these are just ideal resolutions  I want to make to improve myself in many aspects. Whether I overcome this challenges or not, at the end of the year,  the most important thing is that I know I live my life meaningfully which I could look back to. The future is a big mystery and changes are always present. My advice for those who are having their resolutions too, they don't have to pressure themselves with too much idealistic goals cause some things will not always be on our favor.  The future will not always be promising no matter how much we planned and strategized. The best resolution is still to be able to live our life to the fullest! And so, hope everyone could promise themselves to always live in the present moment. Live today! Live with your best!


Have a wonderful day! Staysafe and Godbless.