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I'm not literally an avid coffee lover. But I'm a regular coffee consumer. I just love drinking coffee in random hours,   as its warmth gives something that can pull back my whole existence into reality. I have always been believing in its power of awakening.

My kind of coffee is not  too sweet nor too bitter. Hot or cold ? My preference differs on my mood and on the weather. I also love extras on my coffee, like jellies, foamed milk top, or even tapioca pearls. However, most of the time, I like my coffee being simple. Because I love dipping breads and  pastries on coffees too. Maybe it's just my personal habit, but I'm always curious on what would it taste like if I soak the cake in the cup of coffee. Aside from that, since most pastries are sometimes too foamy or some breads are toasted, with coffee, it helps me to melt them in my mouth.

Coffees are one of the most common beverage, and they complement with a variety of food. Coffees are not picky too. I mean, they are open for any type of people. Starbucks can give  impression of coffees that were made  for the rich people, but there are also regular coffees for the poor and average. Anyone can easily enjoy coffee no matter what social status is unlike any other high priced beverages. That's one of things I like the most about coffee, aside from it being an energy booster. But do you know why coffees helps us boost our energies?

 A short sidenote trivia.

The caffeine in coffee helps us boost our cortisol levels, a hormone which are in charge of making our body active. However, many don't know that there is also a right time when we should drink our coffees. Neuroscientist, Steve Miller, from Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland suggested that it's best to drink coffee after the peak of the production of our cortisols that is mostly from 8 to 9 in the morning. Cause what is the use of boosting cortisols if it's already in boost? It will just make us tolerant to its effectivity. That's why sometimes, other people still need a second cup of coffee cause it doesn't seem to do anything to them.

Also a reason why coffee feels like a sip of comfort in our low energy days. Have you ever felt that? Like you're in a coffee commercial and drifting your soul into another planet but the coffee is strongly calling your name making you feel an urge to drink some?

 Definitely, its really best to hit some caffeine when you're feeling mundane! Even to hang overs, coffees are the cure. But a reminder to drink it in moderation too. Cause anything that is "over" can be a killer. To all coffee lovers and simply moderate consumers, cheers to our cups!


Have a wonderful day! Keep safe and Godbless!