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Mr Queen (Kdrama) : REVIEW

Mr Queen (Kdrama) : REVIEW 

I have been watching this Kdrama and there are 6 episode before it will ended. There are several historical dramas I've watch but this is quite different. Purely comedy and the twist are more interesting that you can't stop from watching the next episodes.

I have seen some of the dramas of Shin Hye Sun, but on this drama she is
completely stunning on his role. By the way, her role was a Queen from Joseon era who trapped on the queens body but he is a man on the present era. She is funny, quick witted, bold and I completely say that this is the best performance yet. 

Try to watch this because there are no episode that you can't laugh. Also the Queen and King romantic excitement and also the twist. Also how the Joseon Era taste what the Queen serve during the celebration - Mcdunaldo.

Still can't wait for another episodes. Waiting for more - comedy episodes. šŸ˜Š


  • Kyungg
    Jan 30, 2021 22:05
    I've watched a clip of this but have no means of watching the full episodes yet. Thank you for the review. Will find time to watch it:)