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Francis Andrea

Mothers’ Love; An Unconditional Love

          She is the emotional backbone of the family. She’s always there to help, and take care of us. She’s the one who wiped the tears away, chase away the monsters under the bed, and sings the lullaby for our sweet dreams. She defines the light, the one that guides us home. She’s the every warm embrace and smile in the morning. The comforting scent after a tiring day. She’s the only person who cannot be replaced. 
          A mothers’ love cannot be measured nor changed and faded. It stays within you and will stay inside you for a lifetime, that’s how a mothers’ love work. They grew from being home-stayed to the sole provider of the family. The canter, the one that shares the brightest light star. 
          Others might have been longing for them, for an unconditional love. Let’s always be thankful and respect them , after all they are the simplest and easiest person to please. Small gestures can always make their hearts full and happy.