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Michael Pacquiao is not a Shadow but a Shining Star

"Got these chains up on my face"
          -Hate by Michael Pacquiao

          Michael is an 18 years old rapper. Yes , a RAPPER for he is one of the brilliant rappers I've ever heard and I don't want to lessen the value by adding noob or beginner. If ever you got the chance to stream it, well you will never regret it instead you'll be obliged to applaud the meaning behind every word and the art of how he sang it. A lot were dreaming it will be Manny's song for his next game and gonna count myself in because the song brings chills. I must say , others should stop bashing him for he was born a son of a billionaire that's why his music rocks opportunities. It is mean because he and his song does not deserve it and remember, whenever you are jealous just close your eyes.


  • Xianpxyjel
    Aug 15, 2020 17:45
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