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Zyron Mendoza


Good day! our topic today is about mental health awareness. Before I start my personal story I would just like to say that you can't say someone is mentally ill without consulting a professional okay? It would never be an aesthetic or a "trend". Mental health should be taken seriously. 

For the past years of my life I have encountered people who are mentally ill, for the first time that I've encountered someone who is really sad I don't actually know what to do, all I know is just to comfort him/her until he/she is better and that is actually the most important thing to keep in mind comfort that person be with them until they get better remember comfort, comfort, comfort. Always be with them. the following people that I've encountered I realized that I am good at comforting when I'm with them because I can treat them with foods. Tusok- tusok, coke sa kanto, junk foods sa sari sari store. 

That is all actually 'till next time!!