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Mental Health Check! 🤗

Dear you, how are you feeling today? 

Whatever it is that you are feeling or whatever your experience/s is/are throughout the day, your feelings are valid. 

Mental health is very important to humans from all walks of life at different life stages. Many people are struggling, so we should be more sensitive and empathetic when it comes to dealing with different people. We, humans, are made differently; hence, we respond differently to situations. 

In this article, I will be sharing with you my ways of dealing with a friend or a loved one who is struggling with their mental health issues. I hope you can learn something from this, too. 

First, awareness is the key. Gaining knowledge or even a general overview about mental health issues will help you understand the person even more, since you will know the context; thus, being on the same page as the person you are dealing with. 

Second, know that it is a real matter which requires serious attention. In the Philippines, stereotypes and stigmas have stained the societal's view of mental health, which is why we should educate ourselves and others as well. 

Third, normalize checking up on them from time to time, you will never know the impact of a simple "kumusta ka?" or "how are you?" in a person's life is. Sometimes, all it takes is a caring person to change another person's life-changing decisions. 

Fourth, as awareness is attained, watch out and observe their behavior which could be a sign or a symptom. 

Lastly, be present. Being there for someone really matters. By simply giving them your time for a simple conversation or for a rant listening session really means a huge deal for them. Knowing that someone got your back could save a life.

These are only some of the ways in which I show support to a friend or loved one who is struggling with their mental health issues. I hope that we could clear the stereotypes, and just be aware of how huge the effects of mental health issues are to a person's life. 

Together, let us uplift one another as we aim to give hope.