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Bielle Villa

Memorize Faster Using These Techniques

Memorization is not easy. But here are some ways which can help you retain information when studying. These techniques are known to be effective based on scientific facts.

1. Find the best time when you are focused. Some people are more active at night, while others are more productive in the morning. 

2. When you want to remember a certain word, say it loudly 3 times then write down the word 3 times. 

3. It is easier to remember the concept of what you are studying if you teach it to another person. If there is no one to teach, you can pretend to do it using an object. Trust me, you might look crazy, but this works.

4. Make up a story using the words you are trying to memorize. Correlate the objects with things that is easier for you to remember.

5. You should never force your brain to memorize if you canā€™t. The best way is to rest after every 30 minutes or 1 hour of memorizing. Use the Pomodoro technique (link inserted)


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    Jan 21, 2021 08:53
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