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Happiness can be really vague. You can be happy with your friends, with your family, with what you did and many more. They said that happiness is a choice but for me, in life we need to experience sadness. These sad experiences leads us to our happiness. 

For example, I am varsity player when I was in highschool. When I was in Grade 10, we had a new coach so all players were back to zero, and had to try out all over again. When the names were announced, my name wasn't mentioned. All my teammates and friends were crying for me. I was so devastated and cried hard that time because I really love playing volleyball. My teammates said that they will not join the team if I'm not included, I stopped them and said they should join because I know how much they love playing. But I was also touched, because they made me feel loved. I realized how much they care for me, and I really love them. Eventually, I was accepted in the team. They had to do a 2nd-day try-out.

As I was saying, life is not just happiness. Sadness is also a part of life. The  question is what is your happiness? Your happiness should be YOU. Your happiness should not be reliant on others. You should be happy because of you.

My happiness is me. I have fun and caring friends because I know how to choose my friends, I know how to cut off people who isn't good for me. I always have a great time with my family because I have time to bond with them. When there are problems, I try to get past them. I learned something every experience I had and I try to apply what I learned in my life.  I'm happy for me because I'm still here, struggling yet fighting, despite the problems.

Hoping for everyone to  find their happiness! Not just happiness,  a genuine happiness because deserves to be happy. A genuine smile is all we need.


  • Anime Feels
    Oct 15, 2020 18:13
    Happiness ❤️
  • Eduard
    Oct 15, 2020 18:11
    You will find happiness first knowing yourself.