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Vanessa Agsangre

Me #My FavoritePoem

Every piece of me is like a poetry,
You gotta see sometimes i am too deep to understand, only few people can. Sometimes im too loud and you can easily get what i am pointing out, maybe because im fed up with the silence i kept holding so i choose to be heard. Sometimes you can read me broken, im strong but i am broken too. Not literally because of romantic love, but the world is harsh to me and i don't have a choice but to be broken or the world just love me too bad where i need to be broken to be whole again. Sometimes im happy and inlove with all the things happening around me as if, there's nothing to be worried of or problem don't really exist. Myself is my favorite poem, because after all i am beautifully made with all the imperfections. I am perfectly imperfect, and that's what i love the most about myself.