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Mel Rose Ramos

Mature and empowered Women

How mature are you?

As women, the world we live in demands so much from us.

We are faced with so many challenges that test our character and our emotions are getting the best out of us.

Here are the TOP 5 signs of maturity and very helpful for us to learn.

Let’s do a self-check!

✅ PATIENCE- Time is the essence but even if we want everything to be fast, a mature individual recognizes the value of right timing and right opportunity. Patience is not all about waiting. You can't just wait forever. Patience is about keeping a POSITIVE ATTITUDE while waiting and seeing how things are working.

✅ HUMILITY - It’s a sign of maturity when we know how to admit and accept our mistakes. There is pride in humility they say.

✅ FOCUS - We can’t really have it all. We can choose what the things that really matter to us. Just like time, there we’re times that we have to accept that we cannot synchronize everything. One step a time and remember that positive mindset is very helpful.

✅ SILENCE- In life, you should choose your battles wisely. There are times that it’s always best to ignore and be silent especially when you’re surrounded with so much toxicity. Focus on positive side, but of course you have to acknowledge the negative things and always find a solution to better the situation.

✅ PRUDENCE- always act and decide with caution, It is true that we are no longer a child, so make sure to be a role model to your family and community.