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Divine Domingo

Love Your Self

First thing to do Before loving other is to Love Our Selves, Why? Do we need to ask question ,like that? A lot of people, Especially young people don't know this things because they basically don't understand the world, and they keep on questioning themselves, why am i like this?, nobody loves me, nobody wants me, they hate me, No one understand me, It's my fault, why do i keep on choosing wrong decisions, and many more, do you feel me? if you felt the same then bare with me, questions like that keeps on circling in our mind, if we don't love ourselves first ,we might experiencing this kind of situation, we need to understand ourselves because if we  do, we were able to know our want our style our attitudes, our likes , what we love to do and anything about ourselves, and if that's happened we can be able to avoid those things that will put us down, those negatives vibes that keeps on pulling us and putting us in hole we can't get out. 

To love ourselves is an important matter to carry in our lives, always remember that if we were able to love ourselves, things were going to move and work, we can avoid things we don't want to happen, understand the people surrounded us , and most of the time , we can share positives vibes to people. "We need to accept who we are to love ourselves".


  • Ron Cedric
    Oct 20, 2020 20:54
    Nakakarelate thanksss! šŸ’“
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