• Good News

Love of my life


After so many heartaches, so many failed relationships, finally, he is here!!!

I had a crush when I was in College. He is the Brother of my classmate. He is so handsome. But he is ignoring me. He does not even smile at me.

So years passed. I have been to many failed relationships. Feels like I do not want to commit to anyone anymore. I am very tired of having a broken heart. I almost give up. Not until this April 2020, someone sent me a message in facebook.

Guess who? Haha!!
Kuya Paul!!! My Suplado crush in High School.
From then, we chitchat everyday.
We have been like that for 2months, when we realized that we had fallen inlove with each other. 

Last June 20, we decided to take things seriously and be committed to each other.

Right now, we have been together for almost 2 months. Everything is so perfect. He is the best. And I could not even ask for more.

I remember myself asking God to give me a  man that will bring me closer to him. Bring me to the church and together, we will praise Him. Surprisingly, this guy is educating me with God’s words. He even asks me to go with him to the church. All I asked from God is finally here in front of me. 

God really had prepared me for the right one. And now, I am finally experiencing genuine love and happiness!


  • Kristine Mae Angeles
    Aug 12, 2020 15:08
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