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Misseu Right

Love is Love

As the years passed, things inside our society have gotten to be very different from what we have been living with before. We all know that Marriage is one of the sacred ceremony that a person will be able to receive even once in their life. 

Marriage is done with the person they’ve promised to live with eternally and speaking of the persons involve in this ceremony, we all know that man and woman are mostly to be involved in it. But what if it’s the same sex? What if instead of man and woman, it’s two same man or two same women? 
Probably, some people will find it ridiculous, a joke, and even as some so-called ‘religious’ people call it ‘sin’. 
But, is loving someone really a sin? Is freedom to love is totally a sin now when it’s same as your sex? I truly believe it’s not. Loving is not about what’s the gender, what’s their sexual preferences. Love is love. Love has no gender. 

LGBTQ+ community has been pushing to give them rights to live the way they wanted, choose to whom they love and have the rights to marry whether opposite or same sex, and I believe that nothing was wrong to build family for whoever you wanted to build with. As long as you love and are true to each other, with respect and trust, love will conquer everything.