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Looking for a Job for the first time

Before I had my son, my greatest fear was not able to work and help my parents. Wait, before that, my greatest fear was not able to graduate. So, I studied hard and did not entertain anything that could distract me from studying. Then yes, finally, I was able to get a degree! Yey! Thanks to my determination. Then next, is to look for work. I moved to Cebu to look for work, that was my very first. The Internet was still new at that time and not everyone has access to it. I went to several call center companies and handed out my resume and application letter. No callbacks, what a disappointment. Right when I was about to give up, a friend told me to give it one last try. I only have 500 pesos in my wallet at that time. Not even enough to buy a ticket to go back home. Anyways, I went to a call center all dressed up, and gave them my resume. I looked at the other applicants, they were just wearing casual clothes and slippers. I was shocked! šŸ˜‚ I mean, is this really allowed? Then I was called for my first interview, then there was this phone. My heart goes wild and there were butterflies in my stomach. After that, I was asked to take an exam, the whole thing went on until it was after lunchtime. Then I was told to go home and just wait for a call for my final interview. I felt down again, I was thinking I'll never get a job. So, I went home, packed my things and preparing to call my friend so I can borrow money to buy my ticket. But suddenly my phone rang, when I picked it up, it was the company. They scheduled my final interview and contract signing that afternoon. I was told to be at the company by 530 PM. It was epic! I felt so happy. I was hired on the same day! So, that begins my journey as an employed individual. I was happy and carefree. But then, I met a guy. Then we broke up. lol Then after 5 months, I found out that I was pregnant with his baby. But no, I did not get back with him. I realized my life will be a lot easier without him. Yes, I kept the baby, and his 12 years old now. I am happy with my life now, I feel contented and so blessed with my son. I guess I can say, my greatest fear now is losing my son or not be a good parent for my son. 


  • Eduard
    Oct 30, 2020 18:59
    Well its rare fear of every graduates to find a job. But when you get your first job that is the most fulfilling.