• Good News



Difficulties stroked us and it seems that we are too far to hope. Every day is a blessing that we should be grateful with even though we are slapped by so many burdens in life. We are not alone in  this battle, God is with us. 

Whenever you feel absurd and saddened always inculcate in your mind that you are not the only individual to experience those. Everyone of us are trying to escape the bitter taste of this life we are experiencing yet we can not escape in a reason that we need to surpassed every single problem we face. Now is not the time for us to feel frightened, apprehensive nor anxious. We supposed to feel otherwise. Take every obstacles positively and have faith earnestly then you will feel relief.

Always linger in your mind we are placed  to something difficult for preparing us to big waves we will surmount in our ways. This is only the trek of our journey. Don't rush and light will come in your gloomy way. Trust the process . Be brave, strong and courageous. You are worth it and lovable by God immensely. 


  • Kyungg
    Oct 30, 2020 09:29
    Godbless youšŸ’• Thanks for sharing!