• Personal Stories

Jessica Abuga

Life is tough, and so you are.

Everyday, we wake up with new chances, beginnings and rejections. We strive to survive, to exist and to live our lives. It was not an easy battle, it was you versus all the possible hardships and failures that has been around which are now worsen because of this pandemic. Many people has indeed succeeded on their own battles and they can proudly say that they have lived their lives and did their best to get to where they are right now. So does you— us. Yes! We are the same. I am always discourage, procastinate on the things I was actually good doing at. I compare things, situations and even decisions. But then i realize, it was not my life's fault why i am like this. It was me. It was all me the whole time. I may be don't know where my life is headed, but i think and i always trust God's perfect time. I worked on the things that I neglected before, and i trust and pray that everyday i surpass any challenges or hindrances to my success.