• Good News



   To the woman who have guided me all the way... A friend who have always stood by my side...A listener, even of my most nonsensical stories...A doctor of my sickness and wounds...A teacher not just in basic academe, but also for life..A cook who never fails to makes us feel a very important customer...You are not just the light of our home...You are a pillar, the strong foundation of our family. Your warm embrace comforts us. Your care nurtures us. Your enduring patience, and calm personality holds us together. I may not always say it. I may not always show it. Yet I hope my overflowing love for you radiates beyond what I am capable of. A simple thank you wouldn't be enough for everything, I know. But if it would be the clearest love language I could give, then I would never not dare to say it all over again. I appreciate you more than you know, and even more than the universe would ever know. To my dearest mother, please stay with me a little longer. Until we reach the next life time, and next next next one again. Thank you for being my mom. Thank you for being a mom to me. Thank you mom.


Your child, dearest.


Belated happy mother's day to all moms. God bless everyone<3 Keep safe!