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Lets Travel China!

Flashback September 2018 and t’was Autumn Season when I first traveled other country. And it was China! 

 It was so fun travelling with the love of your life! My boyfriend is Chinese so we decided to visit their hometown which is Huludao, northern part of China. I would say that I was really amazed with their technology, the people and the cleanliness. They provide garbage cans everywhere you go. It amazes me more on how they value the nature. 

Idk if this is trivia but according to my experience. Chinese ladies will find you beautiful if you have bigger eyes and have long lashes because they always did notice my eyes. 

Going back then. We first travelled to Beijing the phenomenal Great Wall of China. Really made my knees shaking, and jaw dropping because it was so beautiful but super scary for me! It was super super high climbing area. I would say that it was really sturdy you know. You are the strongest if you can finish all the stairs until the end of the mountain. For us, its really impossible coz I’m afraid of heights. But its perfect for adventurous hikers. 

Next is the Imperial Palaces of Ming and Qing Dynasties. You know the feeling that you go back to the past life of their ancestors ? They really value their history, culture, and the place itself. History is still pure and fresh. You can see the King’s throne hiding inside the palace. The crown, the money and the gold that their ancestors used before. The palaces that’s where their heart was kept. 
When you go there someday, you will know why I felt this way. Because the moment you stepped inside, the time you can imagine that history never ends. 

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    Nov 11, 2020 18:37
    Its nice