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Terence Cabanes

Leaders Communicate with Actions and Attitude

Communication at a very simple level is the transfer of meaning between a sender and a receiver. But know that your mindset and behavior give your spoken and written messages extra meaning. Regardless of the words you say, your actions give people something about your personality, viewpoint, or mood.

Communication will expose the honesty, integrity of the leader, and almost every other part of the character of a leader. People see straight through the official message when a leader is all talk and no substance. 

And what does the leadership style of a leader suggest about his or her personality? 

Think about what good leaders do as they engage.

-Deal well with resistant audiences; 
-Listen to people at all levels of the company; 
-Foster a clear and open debate; 
-Initiate conversations that are complicated, but required; 
-Are transparent and ask good questions about expectations; and 
-Involve others until a course of action is formed. 

So, for improved contact with leadership, not only care about your words, but also about your mindset and behavior. To your employees and your company, that would make a big difference.