• Good News

Archie Toledo

Landed #MyFirstJob !

In year 2008, I was on my 3rd year in college taking Bachelor of Science in Nursing in one of the universities in our province. I was very young and did not really think thoroughly when I made the decision of taking up this course.

Fast forward, on my 3rd year in college 2nd semester, I remember feeling so exhausted from a hospital exposure. We were focusing (major subject) on 'Maternal and Child'  at that time and side swinging at the emergency rooms at the same time. That day, I knew there is something wrong. I was not only exhausted but I was also not happy and I was not confident. 

Fast forward end of the semester, I remember asking my grand mother (she's the one paying for my college) for a semester break. Not the school's semester break but I mean skipping one semester for a break or vacation. She was kind enough to let me and bought me a one way ticket to the capital of the Philippines--Manila.

I enjoyed the few months roaming the streets of Manila and its nearby cities with my relatives and new found friends. Months passed by and I thought I had enough of the enjoyment and exploration but I knew I was not ready to go home yet. My grandmother asked me to consider applying for a job and try the BPO industry as it was booming at that time.

One day, I just found myself in front of the computer making a very lousy first resume. I then went to the nearest BPO company. Surprise! Surprise! I I did not land a job. I remember the tedious process I went through. From one exam to another and from one interview to another. I basically went home brokenhearted. I had a good conversation with one of my cousins and she gave me a good advice.

The following days, I saw myself again on the busy streets of Makati. I went inside this cold and crowded receiving area packed with applicants. I applied and went through another set of tedious process. After an interview, my name was called. A girl talked to me and told me "I'm sorry you didn't pass the final interview but please come back after 3 months and you can retry".  Yes, of course, another heartbreaking event. 

I was on my way home and waiting for my cousin to fetch me up. I remember a paper being handed to me by the lady. I grabbed it from my pocket and it says "Free Training". I had another good conversation with my cousin and the next thing I know was already in training for 10 days.

10 days with really kind but strict trainers. I gained friends and most importantly knowledge. I knew from then, after having had that training, that I was ready for another application. 

The training center gave me referral to which company to apply. I hurried and got up from bed and put up a good set of clothes. I underwent another set of tedious application and this time I was confident. It was still hard just like the previous ones I had. From panel interview to set of exams and final interview. BUT on this 3rd and final attempt-- I JUST LANDED MY FIRST JOB. The feeling of relief, joy, amazement and excitement was all there. I was having mixed emotions for after all the hard work-- I finally landed my first job.