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Archie Toledo

Landed #MyFirst JOb ! (continued)

"Congratulations! You passed! Please take a seat and wait for your job offer." Those words still resonates every time I remember that day I landed my first job. At last, all my hard  work has paid off! 

I just landed my first ever job! I Now, that is just the beginning. As a first timer, I never thought that there is a tougher challenge ahead. After the hiring process, next up is training. Not just one but two training. 

Before even admitted to my first day on training I remember encountering another trial which I thought would hinder me from starting the job. I remember one of the recruitment representative sending me a text that they could not confirm my admission for the training as the clinic conducted our physical exam found something on my lab result. I ask them that I can retake that lab test so we could double check but I did not receive any response. 

After a few days of waiting, the training date is approaching and yet I have not received any response from my recruiter. I decided to take a walk on the busy streets of Makati with my lousy resume with me. I ended up at the facade of this familiar building. It was the same building where I first applied for a BPO job. Before entering the building, I remember sending another text to my recruiter and asking for an update. I told them I am about to walk into another building for an application. Before I could even walk a single step towards the building, I received  a response from my recruiter to wait for 5 minutes as he is checking on it. I waited at the busy sidewalk and after a few minutes I received a message that I am already confirmed included on the coming training class. I feel relieved! I started walking around Makati (that's how I clear my head and think of my plans).

I remember sending text messages to my new found friends that I met at the recruitment hub that I am officially included on their class. Not that I only met a new set of friends but I also met the people that helped and cared for me while I am in the busiest city in the Philippines.