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Angelyn Baylin

Ladies! Listen! Why Settle for less?

Why Settle for LESS
By: Angelyn Mijares Baylin (JINI)

I found myself wondering why I don't have a boyfriend.
They said that I am Beautiful but I wonder why I don't have one?
I always answer them that I am not ready and I am waiting for the right one. But honestly I am quiet anxious because all of my friend had someone and in the group I am the only one that is Single.

I found myself searching for a "right guy" and I got one.

Our relationship did not last and we ended up hurting each others feelings.
Time have passed and I found another one. We just started but from the very beginning of our relationship we are already fighting. We argue in a very little thing that no one wants to make some effort to resolve it. We had every single day fighting. I always realized if my relationship is still healthy and I always found the answer NO. But I refuse to believe it.

Until one day, I almost get home and my Guy childhood friend chatted me to attend his company. I agreed and I took my phone to message my Boyfriend. He got angry and throw bad words to me like Im a whore who give pleassure to stranger. I explained but he refuse to listened. Then I realized. Why do I settle for less if there is a God who will give me Best Man Who will Love me unconditionally, Who will treat me as a Princess and will treasure me more than a Gold.

So for those Girl who Treated as a Princess by their Boyfriend and Husband. Thank God because God already gave you the Best. 
And for those Singles. Just wait and focus on your STANDARDS. If he truly loves you he will make an effort to reach your standards 
Thats all. 

I've made this last March 5, 2018. If you would ask me if I found the right. I will say that this time I will wait na and I won't seek or find na. 

Thank you.