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Kingdom Ambassador

I want to share to you this one of the important bible verse that we must apply in our daily life.

MATTHEW 6:33, seek His Kingdom and His Righteousness and ALL THIS THINGS shall be added into you.

Are you those kinds of people who always pray, asking for help to our Father God, asking for an answer to those questions or asking for miracle but have you experience that He might not hearing all of your prayers?

You know why?

He wants you first to seek His Kingdom and His Righteousness (Mat. 6:33) as per this bible first once you seek, all those things, all your prayers and request will be granted. That's what you call God's perfect time. 

He's not giving you all your prayer request as the time you ask because you are not ready. You are not yet the person He wants you to be, and when that time come, it's full of blessings, it will be an overflowing of answered prayers.

So, seek Him first. Read bible every day. Meditate it from morning to dawn. Spread His words, share it to your family, friends and relative - share it to the world so many will know that He is our God.

I hope I will help you to recharge your spiritual body.

God bless us all and let's make disciples of God.