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May Kayla Recto

Key to Happiness


In my opinion, happiness has different meanings to others. It varies to perspective of a person. But in a whole, happiness is what all we ever wanted. So here's a key to happiness

1. Be grateful - Appreciate the little things God gave you. Value the things and people around you. Make yourself believe that those are gifts from God. 

2. Be Contented - Value what God gave you. Use it as tool to happiness. You have food in the table but others don't have. 

3. Don't Compare - We have different blessings in our life. Stop comparing yourself to others as it will lead to enviness. 

4. Do what you want - Good in making art? Create artworks! Do whatever makes you happy as long as it is right in eyes of God. 

5. Love Yourself - Recognize and appreciate yourself because happiness starts within yourself. 

We may encounter struggles in life but don't forget that happiness is just around. We just have to know the key to happiness! Be happy! Aja! 



  • Stefany Calma
    Aug 14, 2020 11:33
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