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Key to a Good Relationship

Relationships are not games for trophies more so an easy commitment at that. 

Many of us knew that a KEY to a good relationship is communication. While it is true that you need communication in relationships, it is not an easy task or responsibility. Here's why it is important in relationships:

1. Talking with your partner gives the both of you the chance of knowing more  about one another.

2. It satisfies your needs for attention and love. (Both partners do!)

3. Creates bonds with one another, solving conflicts easily because #1 You know each other in a deeper level of just knowing someone.

4. Ability to UNDERSTAND each other beats any other things you both created in the relationship.

Thus, conflicts and misunderstandings may be solve if you understand each other. Teachers taught students to read, but with what exactly? You can not just read, how will you deeply understand what you read? Yes, reading with COMPREHENSION.

Partners in life have the ability to read each other, few of them are just communicating not really understanding both sides. If you want a good relationship, all you need to do is communicate while understanding each other.