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"It's Okay, That's Love": A Very Inspiring Drama

K-dramas had started to reach the hearts of tons of people around the world for decades. This is because of its fascinating storylines, unique plot twists, heart-melting dramas, and all that a person could ever wish to spend their leisure time with. 

However, last 2014, another drama that I just discovered this month had made me smile and made my tears stream down through my face – "It's Okay, That's Love". 

The story of this drama deals with mental health discussions. Lead actor and actress even have mental health issues that the whole drama focused on. 

I am delighted to have had watched this drama as I started to feel stressed over this pandemic and quarantine. Certainly, this drama is a must-watch for those who are feeling the same way as I do, it goes the same way to those who have people around them who need support for their mental health. 

More importantly, despite the serious topic that this drama has, they still managed to present it as an easy-watched with its funny mood which makes it hilarious. 

Stop hesitating and go on, start watching this drama, I am sure it'll help.