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Dustin Flores


my life are so happy when i was a child *1-6 yrs. old
but when these problems come to my life
insecurities,anxiety,depression,trust issues,and family issues.. i know it sounds so hard and bad but if you wanna know i'm still fighting i already did 5 attempts of suicide but my friends always stop me and thought me a lesson and this lesson is why i still live on this earth..."NO MATTER WHAT YOU'VE BEEN THROUGH IT'S NOT A GOOD THING TO SUICIDEā€”IF U THINK THIS THING WOULD HELP YOU THEN YOURE WRONG BECAUSE YOUR ALREADY STRONG...YOU ALREADY MADE IT THIS FAR WHY CHOOSE TO LET GO..IT FEELS LIKE YOU GRAB A GOLD AND PUT IT BACK ON THE SOIL" i know how it feels to say something like this won't help a lot but it's a motivation for me but still the final descision lay on ur own hands..but remember THINGS SHOULD HAVE ENOUGH REASON BEFORE DOING IT.