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Is a good deed still a good deed when you share it to others?

From my 20 years of exisitence, I have done a couple good deeds such as buying food for the homeless, and most recently while I was doing my morning walk I saw a dead cat in the streets and it seems that it died because a car crashed its head. As I pass by it, I could not bear in my conscience to just leave it there and have it decay in the streets and get it's whole body crashed by cars. So I grabbed a big leaf, grabbed it's tail and place it by a grassy place and covered it's body. I continued walking and did myself a tap in the back for doing it. When I went back home, I contemplated if I should share it to my family or friends what I have just done. So the question goes, Is a good deed still a good deed when you share it to others? Personally yes, it is natural human reaction to feel "humblized" whenever we do something good, and sharing it to people to feel sense of gratification by letting know others that you have done a good deed is perfectly normal and it does not invalidate the action when you say it to others. Keep up doing a good deed and dont hold back yourself from sharing it to others because you deserve a praise :). Have a great day.