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In calamity, we rise

In calamity, we rise! We do not romanticize resilience, we appreciate them. We ask for accountability while also being proud of the resilience of our fellow Filipinos amidst the calamity. However, more than any of that, my heart jumps in joy when I see or hear how many other Filipinos work hard to send their help. A lot of donation drives are being worked on in order to send our love and support to the people greatly affected by the typhoons. People are praying for the safety of others. Social media has become a limitless platform for us that even young people are even to show their love and support in the simplest ways they can. 

In calamity, we rise. All the Filipinos cried and mourn for the lives taken by these devastating typhoons. Our hearts were gathered to protect those who were hurt. Our differences were set aside and our generosity crossed the borders. I am very proud to say that despite these calamities, we, Filipinos, rise as one.