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I'll save you!

I'll save you! no matter how deep, no matter how far, no matter how long, this arms of mine will always reach you.
This love of mine will always be your's, we will sink and sank, but we will always be together hand in hand. I will always love the look on your face when I caress your cheeks, your smile when you cook my favorite food and it's always delicious, your hug that warms me up in night and day, and your hand that I will never let go even if you need to use both of your hands because I will be your other arms.


But why, why did you leave me? 

Why didn't you let me go with you? 

I said no matter how far, deep, or long right?

Why did you have to go?

Why so early?

I want to go back to that time, if it will happen again. I'll save you again and again, until I reach you and I will never let go of you again.

Anime: Kakuriyo - Bed and Breakfast for Spirits