• Good News



She always smile even if all she really want to do is to cry. 

She stand still even if people are trying to pull her down. 

She walks with her head held high even is she feels like she’s the lowest person on earth. 

She committed a lot of mistakes and wrong decisions in life but she is trying her best to make everything right. 

She were left behind but she’ll always be there when you need her. 

She’ll always there to listen to you even though no one would like to listen to her. 

She’ll comfort you even in her bad days. 

She’ll fight for you.

She’ll love you unconditionally and be with you as long as you need her. 

She’ll do her best to surpass her limit.

There’ll be no waves that she can’t over come. She might can’t control it but she’ll go with the flow and accept where the waves takes her. 

She is someone who knows how to pause, take a break and fight again.

She is a strong woman, that her dreams once float in a paper boat.  

To all the woman in the world. You are beautiful and I am so proud of you! ❤️❤️❤️ 

-My Paper Boat Lady-