• Quotes/Motivation

If you got tired, just rest, not quit.

Sometimes in your life, you want to improve yourself but the laziness comes up and it is so bad timing right? Learn to avoid doing it for the reason that you'll just end up with nothing. Remember, you wanted to improve since you are in a stage of improving of yourself. Strive harder in view of the fact that it can help also yourself that you'll find conscious on yourself.

Always think that it can help yourself to get better and a good lifestyle. If you start to take care of yourself, take note of this. When you got on age 20-30 that's the time of popping up your sick or weaknesses that you didn't know right? Don't ever quit since you need to take care of yourself everyday. 

Always remember that you started and planned on why you want to improve yourself. If you stopped, at the end you'll just regret about it because you had a process but you stopped owing the fact that you just got lazy.

Strive harder. At first, it will be hard but at the end you will congratulate yourself that you achieved it and you'll be proud of yourself. I promise this works if you put out negativities on doing this especially for your own sake.