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I want it, I got it! #MYFAVORITEBUDOL

This might be one of my favorite topics here in Good Info Net! Are you guys ready for a "BUDOL" because you are in the right page. Don't ya worry coz I will leave the links below <8

These are the three budols that I really love;
First purchase is this 88 Underarm cream. This. is. legit. I discovered this cream from tiktok it was known to be the "Tiktok underarm cream" because it really does have an effect. "So what is this 88 Underarm Cream?" This cream lightens your armpits/ kilikili. I have been struggling for having underarm since I started to wore my jersey for my Volleyball games, it was really tight on my armpit part that's why it caused a friction that made my underarm darken. "Is it really legit?" Yes! You just need patience and discipline in this cream. The changes starts around 2-3 weeks. Yes! That's how fast it changes. But it really depends on your skin type. I suggest to try doing a patch test first near your underarm to prevent allergies. This underarm cream is made from Thailand so make sure to buy the legit ones! I give this budol of mine 9/10!

The second budol! This is perfect for students or those who are working from home! This will be really useful especially if you love to take notes and write minutes or just love to write journals! This is the Creative multifunctional pen holder! This are the holders that you see in Bookstores, Supermarkets, Muji and other shops that sells pens. It really helps you tidy up your desk and you can easily see the pens that you need to use. It is not only for pens, it can also be used in other things like fasteners, erasers, correction tapes, clips and more things that can fit. This made my life much easier since I love working with a clean space. I give this budol 10/10!!
This last budol of mine is one of the sulit purchases! This is also helpful for students and those who are working from home and has a not so big space for a good set up. This is the Invisible laptop stand! I saw this in twitter because someone also saw it from someone! Ain't that crazy? Budol is really real! Right now I am using it! I love it because it is elevated and I don't have a spare mechanical keyboard and I only use the keyboard of my laptop, so it really helps for easier to type. It might not match all laptops because it may block the fan of your laptop so make sure it matches! Plus! It does not take up a big space yet it tidy's up your table even more! I give this budol a 8/10! 

We have been in pandemic for a year now and I hope everyone is doing their best to be safe everyday because COVID is real! Go get your vaccines! šŸ˜ 

I hope ya'll get budoled also!! 
You want it? Go get it!

Jubilantwoman, xx šŸ˜