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WHAT IS LOVE? Love..... is the most powerful feelings that people can
ever experience in their lives. Even though we do have different definition
of LOVE, LOVE inspires and giving us hope.

But some of us may think that LOVE is complicated, because some of us may have experience a broken heart from families, friends and also on the relationship.
For the single one's who have been hurt or confuse to look for LOVE because of past relationship. There will be a time and season for everything that God plans to our lives. You just need to take your time and enjoy being single because when you are prepared, God will give you the LOVE of your life.

If you received a lot of LOVE, you must give LOVE also to people around us so they may have feel happiness, secured, strong and they can smile often during on the hard times. This may lessen also the negativity of the person who has a bad day or problem. It is also applicable now, since we already experience a global pandemic. Feelings such as caring about others and helping them out is also included in LOVE. We may also not know but LOVE can be expressed in a various ways. Through simple sending text to your LOVE ones, giving time with your families or watching favorite movies it gives the satisfaction and happiness on the people around us.

Overall, LOVE is what we all need. It can change us, our world  and our life. It can make us the most happiest person and somehow being love by someone is the greatest feelings of a person can experience in his or her entire life. LOVE somehow makes you the best version of yourself. 

"You could always give without loving, but you can never love without giving."