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Ara Elissa


Hello everyone! Lemme share a wonderful Blessings I received. as you all know, I am currently unemployed because i resigned from my previous job last September. My goal is to find a work from home job so i can stay safe with my family while working, and i must it's really not easy. but after i resigned i am targeting one company that i want to work with. Actually, I've been wanting to work with them for years. But i cannot leave my previous job for some reasons. Well, to tell you the truth the main reason why i stayed for so long with my previous job is because of my surgery. I have a lot of breast lumps on my both breasts and been wanting to remove it. Luckily, they are not cancerous but still i want to remove it for my peace of mind and for my future pre-employment medical examination. The surgery was expensive for an average patient, but for an employee working there in the hospital, i have discounts for the procedure and medical supplies used, discounts for the professional fees of the doctors, and for the anesthesia, and i saved a lot. so after almost 5 years, luckily, i went on a successful surgery last march and my lumps was all removed, 13 lumps in total. My original plan, was after surgery i will file my resignation and will look for better opportunity but unfortunately, this pandemic happened. I have decided to stay a little bit more, like 1 more year because it's really hard nowadays to look for a job. But so many things happen in my workplace, most of my colleagues tested positive for the covid19 and i was too scared to acquire it and spread to my family, so i prayed to God everything, i lifted to him all my worries and asked for signs if it's about time to leave my Job, and he sent me numerous signs, i trust him so i did everything with God's guidance and protection. After my last day at work, God Blessed me so much with a Desktop computer and a office table which i can use to start over with a work from home set up. I visited jobstreet.com to look for work from home set up and landed with the company I've been wanting to work with. I'm so happy that they have a lot of job opportunities during this hard times so i took the opportunity to send an application. I was lucky that i passed the assessment and someone called me for initial and final interview, i also took another set of examination and luckily passed, truly, God made it possible. God has better plans that ours, All we have to do is to trust him. 
I was so Blessed to passed the final interview and just signed my Job Order yesterday. I will start working from home this Nov. 4, 2020. The company provides good benefits for their employees and it's families. I'm such a lucky one to be part of their growing family. There's a right time for everything. Trust God, he made plans for us, He always have better plans than ours. pray and lift to him al your worries. God's timing is always the perfect one. 
thank you for taking time to read my post, I hope you guys have a better days ahead and may God shower you lots of love and Blessings. Please continue to pray, never forget to thank him for everything for allowing us to live with our family in this trying times. 
stay safe, and until my next post. bye :)


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    Oct 29, 2020 18:08