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Many people think that self-esteem is our inner voice that tells us whether we are good enough to do or achieve something. But actually self-esteem is about how we value ourselves and our perceptions about who we are and what are we capable of.

But for some reason, some of us experiencing low self-esteem. Many people may have experience this during childhood or it can also result from adult experiences like difficult relationship, either personal or at work. It will be a serious problem if low self-esteem becomes a long term problem, it can have a harmful effect on mental health and day-to-day lives.

For those people who have a low self-esteem here are ways to improve your self-esteem.

1. CHALLENGE YOUR NEGATIVE BELIEFS. It's if important to take your negative beliefs to a challenging way. It will help a lot to notice your self thoughts by replacing negatives or inaccurate thoughts to accurate and constructive thoughts. 

2. IDENTIFY THE POSITIVE ABOUT YOURSELF. It is easy way to overcome your self-esteem by making things positive by saying that "I can do it" instead of "I can't do it". Also we need need to  recognize what we're good at it for example cooking, singing, dancing and etc. When we enjoy what we are doing it makes things good that leads to help boost our mood.

3. BUILD POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS-AVOID NEGATIVE ONES. Build a relationship to others that will help you to feel good and gain more 
confident and try to avoid people who makes you feel bad and weak.

4. GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK. Not all times we do have a perfect day. We need to take a ourselves a break to take more time and maintain yourself belief. It helps also to boost self-esteem by giving ourselves a treat. Spending time with yourself and enjoy doing  things alone we're most likely happy and set your beliefs in positively way. 

5.BECOME MORE ASSERTIVE AND LEARN TO SAY "NO". Some people who have a low self-esteem are having difficult to say "NO". It
may set as example on the office, schools and even home. People who have this, increasing stressful and hard to manage themselves. Developing assertiveness means encouraging to be more honest 
about yourself, views, wishes and feelings for both parties.

6. CHALLENGE YOUR SELF. We experiencing nervous of afraid to do things at times. But for some people who have healthy self-esteem this things will not let them to stop to try taking challenges. Setting goals and achieving it will help to increase self-esteem.

On top of that,  when we start to value ourselves and have a good self-esteem we feel more secure and worthy. It helps to develop our healthy balance to know more about ourselves, recognizing and continue to grow and develop.