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I am still alive

Hi if you don't know me I am Shelo TV I have my youtube channel and you check it out! 
I am still alive and I am feel so blessed everyday that God gave me not just second but third chance to live in this beautiful world. If you feel you are not beautiful you are wrong.  You are beautiful than me.
I have this all imperfections in my body first one is my ring finger to my right hand is just half. Yes half, imagine having a half finger since birth, it was really hard to start writing on a paper with the use of pencil, but I practice everyday until I am used to it.  
My left boob is not growing because my bone was dislocated and it can support any grow to my left boob and I will tell you I am feel so blessed everyday even more. And now another struggle in my life which is I having a Fibroadenoma. Fibroadenoma a tumor formed of mixed fibrous and glandular tissue, typically occurring as a benign growth in the breast. Imagine I only have I boob in my entire life and now I have a tumor ? whaaaattt?1 I question the Lord why? Until now I don't know. I served you for like 4years I served your church . but I realize that I should not question him for what I have. You are beautiful than me remember that :) 
Please do support me on my life to get through it I have my YouTube channel and please watch my videos. It can help for my surgery someday after this COVID. I have this fibroadenoma for like 5 years now and it quite bigger and bigger hope you support me. I will be doing tips and tricks on SPOTIFY AND NETFLIX soon on my channel hope you subscribe! Remember you are beautiful and blessed than me. So be appreciative in many ways 


  • Xianpxyjel
    Aug 15, 2020 17:16
    Check my article too tnx :) add me and i will adding u back :)