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Each of us are facing difficult times about having an argument with someone. Sometimes it’s not big deal but it causes a lot of trouble when there are different sides of a statement. No one want to lose a battle even when having an argument, cause we all think that our side must be the right one. But how can we win an argument to anyone in any situation? But first, we should know why these things happen.

An argument often occurs when a misunderstanding happens. Two people with different perspective or different beliefs are those who are involve in this situation. One side always need to win to prove that he is the dominant one. He also needs to win the argument so his pride won’t be destroyed.

Do we always need to win an argument against someone? Shall we always need to won an argument and be proud of it? What would be the results if we won the argument? Maybe we would be proud if it will give us some recognitions, like being the best person to win an argument. But that would be also too awkward to have such a bad recognition.

Before being involved in argument we must be an advance thinker so that we can predict the results of it. We must value the person rather than winning some nonsense debate. We must know that the more we argue the more we attract destructions of a good relationship towards another person. We you are in the middle of the argument, take a pause, give way to listen to someone, don’t talk when you’re mad and lastly ask yourself if it is worthy to argue with the person. It will be an ease if we are having some good conversation without making a mess through some nonsense argument.