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How to use Check of your Banks

Hello I'm going to tell you how to use a check of your checking accounts on your own banks so first ask yourself why would you use a check? where and when will you use this. so when you think about it get a Pen and get you check booklet the get 1 check. gently get 1 check to booklet safely get it avoid peeling it clumsy to avoid damage on the check so bank will accept it when you are done and deposit it or withdraw it. so when you get a check write the name of the payee for me write it on all capital letters to emphasize the payee's name when you write put three asterisk after the name. why? so the name you write on it is the only one who will receive the money and second write the amount on the box in the right side of the check next one is write in on words make sure to write it on perfect spelling on the said amount when you are done don't forget to write ONLY at the end of the amount of words so the only amount that will be use is the on only written after that write the date when the check will be used at the upper right side of the check after that make sure your checking account has a fund so the check will be use after that sign your check and go to your respective bank. 


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