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How to Turn your Room into a Bachelor Pad (Budget under 1000 pesos or 20 USD!!)

Mr. JE Tiglao, director of the first movie about intersex "Metamorphosis", shared to us how he turned his not used space into a cool bachelor pad without hurting his pockets.

Clean and remove all the unnecessary stuff in the space that you're going to make over. A little tip for those who has a small room and has a built in closet, you can also remove the latter and just start anew. If you also have an outdated furniture or an old style window, you can replace it with a modern type window with tint. 

Doing DIY displays and stuff for your room can save you a lot of money. For his situation, Mr. Tinglao bought cheap plywood sheets and turned it to a hanging shelf and bookshelf inspired by IKEA. For its design, watch the attached Youtube link.

Step 3 -WORK SOLO.
Doing work by yourself and hiring nobody can save you a lot more than you think. Here's where it got more exciting. He shared some tips to make it look bachelor pad and aesthetic. Take note for the tips below! 

PAINTING TIPS-  He applied primer as the base for the wall. For the accent wall, he chose not to paint it with full black. He added that it would be overwhelming instead he mixed these following colors: 50% black, 20% white, 15% blue, 15% brown. He noted that that the paint should be matte finish because if it's glossy, it would not look nice for the lights, it would just reflect and the flaws and imperfections would be visible. For his plastic laminated closet, he used matte finish spray paint for it would not damage the closet. He also added that the key for a good looking room is just color management and positioning of stuff. 

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    Oct 13, 2020 17:30