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Ei Gee

How to think positive despite being jobless (for the meantime I hope)

It's been quite sometime now that I have been jobless and I am not happy about it. I have been trying to land a job to no avail. There are times that I feel so insufficient because of it. There are nights when I think about where my life is heading. Everyday for the past months I have been hopeless and upset. Most days I feel like I am a burden to my family because I cannot provide for them.

But hey, I need to cheer up - that's what I thought. I need to overcome all these thoughts and move forward. But how?

These are the thoughts that I have pondered on:

1. Most cliche of all: "Everything happens for a reason." - but please don't be comfortable with this despite the reason it happened (whatever it maybe).
2. Try and try until you (die) succeed! Of course. :) If you don't do something about it, nothing will happen (obviously).
3. Give your best and never give up! (You already know what to do)

and lastly..

4. Try to reflect on your everyday. Don't wait for some miracle, because the miracle is in everyday itself. Because every waking day is a miracle. Because everyday is a new day, a gift, a chance to do what you want, to be with your family and to cherish the moments with them.

While your on the hunt for a job, look at the bright side of it all. Do your best and soon enough, you will succeed. Just keep on trying. :)