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How to stop overthinking what people will think about you.

Why you tend to overthink what happened in the past and what will people will think about  you?. Why overthinking can affect your future endeavors?. How can i stop overthinking what people will might say about me?.

These is just some few questions that comes to our heads if we keep romanticizing people perception or what other people opinions about us.

Let’s accept the fact that sometimes we tend to overthink. What happened in the past because you feel it’s too embarrassing, wrong, regretful , waste and more. And wishing you can turn back time and correct it and tell yourself not to do it. But there’s no such thing as time machine, you can never be able to change what’s in the past. I know you’ve heard the quote “past is past” i never thought that one day this common quote will sink in to me and help me not to overthink about things what happened in the past. It’s more like you can’t do anything about it, but to accept it and just leave it behind. Stop blaming yourself. Always remember this ; People will always has something to say about you, even you’re not doing anything people will always have something to tell it may be ; positive, negative or just plainly projecting what they think about you. Don’t worry it’s natural because, we humans are rational being we perceive and we judge. But it doesn’t mean you have to listen what they think of you. The only valid opinion is yours not theirs. Drop the negatives and just laugh about it . Embrace the positive ones and be thankful. What you can do is forgive yourself for being wrong. Workout on the things you regret being before and make it something positive and improved. Cherish the people that stayed with you through the years and waited you to grow and also yourself for being strong. Remember you cannot change the past but you can do something today and tomorrow. 

Don’t let the negative comments matter. Their opinions of you doesn’t count. Not because you’ve done something wrong in the past you can’t improve or change it. Those people who wants to bring you down, just smile at them don’t let them bother your peace and being. Be genuine in everything you do that makes you happy. Be yourself, you only have one life to make the best of it. Not to live in their own point of views. Do exactly what you want and it’s okay to cut off people that bother your peace and toxic for you. Be confident and love yourself more than anyone coz if you won’t , who else will?. 

Remember this people has their own businesses. They are more hands on and worried about theirs. They have problems to solved. They have dreams and goals to achieve. They have more things to do with their self. They are busy thinking about their own sake. If you think they’re still thinking about the wrongs you did in the past, to answer the question; they are not. Or maybe they already forgotten it. What happened in the past is just a phase. It doesn’t meant you can’t change and improve. Let’s say yes to character development for ourselves not for other people. We deserve the best in life and just believe in yourself that you can do it. Be confident and unbothered. You are more better than you think you are. 

The more you give other people a privilege to control your life. You will be swallowed in an abyss of anxiousness and misery. Don’t be afraid to be judged, be afraid if you’re living your life according to others tells you. Live your life exactly you want and love to. Protect your peace no matter what. Let’s move forward. Remember life isn’t about finding your purpose it’s about creating your purpose that makes you happy. You matter and loved always remember that. I hope you’re well.