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How to Stay Motivated (Part 8) - Reward Yourself

How to Stay Motivated (Part 8) - Reward Yourself

Finishing a task could take a while or even a decade to be able to finish it, depending on how difficult it is and how vasts the scope of the tasks are. Especially, if there is not enough motivation to drive you to complete it. How hard can it be? It might take you a decade or centuries too— well, much of exaggeration but who knows?

Most of us tend to be overwhelmed by the number of tasks given and give up already when we haven't tried to start anything yet. However, the majority could be with the reason of lack of motivation. I bet lots of people would agree with the same reason why they choose to veer in the opposite direction; leaving it incomplete and abandon the tasks.

One way to make your focus stays in the same direction is to learn what it takes for yourself to complete dreadful tasks. And setting up a system a lot of us will surely be galvanized of— a reward system!

Some may find it weird and cliche but when we learned the value of a true manifestation of a reward system, it will be the best part of finishing a task! It is like your salary, the way of compensating yourself for finishing and completing a phenomenal, dreadful, awful, and such adjectives on how you perceived your tasks.

Once you have set it up, it will be one of the reasons why you wanted to finish your tasks. It will certainly drive you to be motivated from the starting point till the ending point of your journey. Keep moving forward, even if it is a baby step or a giant step you take, you will doubtlessly reach your finish line.

- nekkooolai 🖤✨


  • Jefri Saputra
    Feb 21, 2021 18:48
    How you reward yourself??