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How to Stay Motivated (Part 7) - Surround Yourself With People Who Supports You

How to Stay Motivated (Part 7) - Surround Yourself With People Who Supports You

Motivation does not always stay at the peak. There are times it will come to downhill or an endpoint. That is normal! Even the greatest motivator we know suffers also the same things at some certain point in their life.

Being motivated throughout the time is not a requirement to live your life. It is our decision whether to take a break for a while, rest for some time, and be away for at least a bit of time. As they say, pain is what makes us humans. However, pain is not the only constituent that makes us humans! Feeling downhearted and unmotivated makes us human beings too.

Despite our downside, the most important part we should be more concerned about is how do we get up after falling. To regain ourselves and to get back on the track of our race again. It does not mean being motivated and driven again in an instant but starting over anew.

Surrounding ourselves with people who genuinely support us. A support system each of us should have— a must-have! Being surrounded by the people who love and support you can bring out back the best in you. It can hand you a strong foundation where you can start once more.

Being blessed with a great support system can benefit us positivity more than enough. With higher levels of well-being, a stable mental state of our mind, and healthy life. As it reduces also the chance of experiencing a mental breakdown, anxiety, and depression to someone.

Once you have found a suitable support system for you, let those people embrace you with goodness and engulf you with positivity and peace. Let it glistens and nurture it as it slowly drives you and motivates you. Once you are back on track, eyes straight ahead and keep moving forward until you have reached where do want to be.

- nekkooolai 🖤✨


  • Jefri Saputra
    Feb 15, 2021 17:41
    This blog really helpfull to boost motivation 👍